Write and Publish Maker Space @ Watsonia Library

The Write and Publish Maker Space at Watsonia provides a unique environment to give individuals and community groups access to specialised resources, programs and events that help them to write and produce personal and group writing projects.

Yarra Plenty Press, the YPRL publishing imprint, has published a number of special projects through the Maker Space including the annual Write Now! Short Story Competition Anthology and Literary Allsorts an anthology of stories from the Writers@Watsonia in 2015 and My Dreaming: Stories and Artwork by Watsonia Heights Primary School in 2017.


  • (5x) MacBook Air laptops – these are installed with professional publishing software including Microsoft Office and Scrivener.
  • (5x) iPad Air and (5x) keyboards
  • Typewriter
  • Collection of text resources that contain information related to writing and publishing as well as material for inspiration.
  • The Quiet Reading Room. A quiet working space to write and create in away from the bustle of the general library space.


How can you access this Maker Space?

The MacBook Air laptops and iPads are available for public use any time the library is open.

This Maker Space is a program-driven initiative and its primary function is to provide facilitated interactive sessions. Watsonia Library hosts regular sessions, workshops and special events that are open to all. Look out for details in the What’s On @YPRL events brochure, in the events listings on the website or on display at Watsonia library. Some require bookings.


Writing Groups

Three writing groups are hosted at the library. The Writers@Watsonia is an eclectic group of people undertaking a variety of writing projects, ranging from YA fiction to memoir. The Odyssey Writers are memoirists who self-moderate their group using library resources. The Poets@Watsonia is an independent poetry writing group which run readings and workshops. All three groups meet on a monthly basis. Some require bookings.

Writing Workshops

A series of  one-off workshops covering a broad range of topics relating to all aspects of writing and publishing including developing specific writing skills and inspiration, self-publishing, bookbinding, finding a publisher and e-publishing.

Workshops for children are aimed at offering creative paths to producing their own stories and simple books.

Author Talks

The experience and knowledge of established and emerging authors is invaluable to new writers. The Write and Publish Maker Space aims to host an engaging selection of author talks in our annual program.

Write and Publish Maker Space Mornings (Fridays 10.00am – 11.00am)

This is a weekly session for patrons to use the MacBook Air laptops and experiment with some writing tools. Professional publishing software including Microsoft Office, Scrivener and Tablo are available and staff are happy to assist and discuss projects.

One–off Publishing Projects

The Write and Publish Maker Space aims to partner with individual community groups to produce professionally published work on a bi-annual basis. Groups with a project in mind should contact the Watsonia library.