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Booklovers Festival

Feed Your Curiosity
Friday 6 September – Saturday 21 September

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What are the highlights?

This year’s program includes author talks, writing workshops, book clubs and opportunities to get social. It also features some truly exciting events, including:

And for the first time our amazing Mobile Library is participating! If you visit the Mobile Library make sure you contribute to the movable poem. 

Be part of the conversation - #booklovers19

Yarra Plenty Regional Library is proud to host its 11th Annual Booklovers Festival this September. With a full program right across our branches, there’s something for everyone.

That means you!

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about what to expect from our Booklovers Festival, or if you’ve been before and want to know what’s coming up this year - read on…

What can I expect at a writers festival?

Our Booklovers Festival falls under the banner of a ‘writers festival’ - these happen all over Melbourne, and all over the world.

Writers festivals are for writers, but they’re also for readers. If you’re a library user, it’s for you!

These festivals include author talks, which give you an opportunity to see your favourite writers talking about how their books came to be, why they write, and provide you an opportunity to ask further questions about their work. Writers festivals also often include workshops, which help you nurture your creative streak (and we all have one!). It’s a good combination of events that allow you to watch people talk, and get involved yourself.

Why go?

There are so many reasons the YPRL Booklovers Festival is a great day (or night) out. It’s loads of fun, and happening close to home.

At the YPRL 2019 Booklovers Festival, you can also:

  • discover local authors
  • meet like-minded people
  • get in touch with your creative side in our workshops
  • try something new.

Who will be there?

The Booklovers Festival will be attended by a mix of writers, readers, and the curious-minded. It’s aimed at people who are interested in learning, of all ages. This includes lots of writers and punters from your local community.

We are encouraging you to ‘bring a friend’ this year! If you sign up another library member during September, you will both go into the draw to win some impressive prizes.

So make sure you bring a friend along with you!

Discover Local Authors...

In the lead-up and throughout our Booklovers Festival we are featuring local writers as part of our Community Creatives series.  


Nadia Bailey

Archimede Fusillo

Sue Gunningham

Karen Andrews

Alan Manifold

Les Zig

Zana Fraillon

Tim Train

11th Annual Booklovers Festival 

Terra Nullius

You Daughters of Freedom

Call Me Evie

The Book of Dirt

Room for A Stranger

Unlike the Heart

French Exit


The Eastern Curlew


When the Night Comes


The Art Garden

The Endsister

The Glad Shout

The Wife and the Widow

Father Figures

Into the Fire

Footy Girls Guide to the Stars of 2017

See What I Have Done

Where the Dead Go

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