Kids Corner: Family History Festival

This weekend we celebrate our Family History Festival through a series of blog posts.

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Kids can have fun learning about their family history and where they have come from.  We have pulled together a list of activites and ideas that families can enjoy together.

Age Guide: Primary School

Scavenger Hunt Game (pre-schoolers can join in this one)

Family History is everywhere. Have a scavenger hunt in your house to see how many things you can find that are about your family history. You can look for a family bible, old papers and photos and scrapbooks, medals and jewellery or anything that reminds you of the past. If the items are moveable you can make a display, and if not, you can take and print photos or share online with other other family members. Create a name for your "family history museum," and ask mum and dad to tell you stories about the items and the relatives associated with them. Write these down or video or audio record them.

Gather Stories

Talk to parents and grandparents and ask them them about what they know about your family history. Write these down in a special keepsake book or journal, where you can add other information as you find it. Or video or audio record the stories.

The City of Whittlesea “Googling Grandparents” project aims to collect and share stories inviting children, grandchildren, carers, interested friends or community members to “interview” an elder, record the story and send it to Council for sharing in the future. Scroll down on the Council's Cultural Heritage page for more information.

Learn genealogy words and their meanings

Find Your last name.  Where does your comes from and what does it mean?

Try this Relationships word scamble (printable pdf)

Who’s Who Game. Have fun finding out "who's who" in a family tree.

Scrapbook copies of heritage photos.

Create a family tree

After talking to your relatives, fill in your names on a paper tree or chart. Printable PDFs  include Fill Your Family Tree, or My Family Tree includes space for photos or drawings. Check out this colour-in version. This decorative My Family Tree includes information to record dates and places of birth.  If you would like to record family information, download the My Family Group Record chart from FamilySearch.

How are you related? Check out this cousin chart to see how your cousins are connected to you.

Older kids may like to choose a free chart to download and fillout and print on your computer.  If you are 13 years or older, you can create a free online tree on FamilySearch


Family, Friends and Furry Creatures

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