Introducing: Our Minecraft Server!

YPRL Staff

1 February, 2022

Calling all Minecrafters! We’ve got a challenge for you, a build challenge! 

'Plenty of Minecraft’ is YPRL’s new youth Minecraft Server for ages 12-18, but it’s looking a bit empty at the moment. That’s where you come in! We’re holding a build competition to create a library inside Minecraft to use as our server’s spawn point! 

To participate, just follow these steps:

1. Get whitelisted on our server by filling out the form on our homepage here

2. Log in to the server with either Bedrock or Java edition with the IP 

3. Find an empty plot and use the command /plot claim to make it yours (plots with a netherbrick border are taken)

4. Unleash your creativity and build your version of a library! 

Some ideas to get you started...

It could be a giant library from a medieval castle, or a spooky haunted library full of cobwebs and wither skeletons. A colorful bustling library with enchanting rooms and indoor trees, or even a recreation of your local library! Or it could be something completely different, the decision is up to you and your imagination! 

Builders of all skill levels and styles are encouraged to participate. There’ll be in-game prizes in the form of ranks/tags for everyone who participates as well as for the top 3 builds! Builds will be judged by staff based on creativity, with the top build having the option of becoming our server’s new spawn point!  

The challenge will be open from the 1st of February until the end of March 2022 and winners announced soon after. We hope to see you there, happy building! 

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