Yarra Plenty Regional Library endorses the Uluru Statement from the Heart

YPRL Staff

13 July, 2023

At the June 2023 board meeting, the Yarra Plenty Regional Library (YPRL) Board made a unanimous decision to endorse the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full. This endorsement signifies the library’s commitment to promoting positive change within the community. We recognise the vital role public libraries can play in supporting the Uluru Statement and fostering understanding of First Nations culture.

Supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart: Why Libraries Matter

Public libraries are uniquely positioned to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart and contribute to reconciliation efforts. We can ensure accurate information is accessible to you. Working with our local First Nations communities we will provide educational opportunities to learn more about First Nations culture. By sharing information and collaborating with our First Nations communities and organisations, as well as our councils, YPRL can provide you with trusted resources to make informed decisions in the upcoming referendum.

More Than Just Word: Actions Taken by YPRL

As part of its support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, YPRL has also implemented several initiatives to demonstrate our commitment:

  1. Building Relationships:
    • YPRL actively collaborates with local First Nations communities and Reconciliation Committees to foster strong and respectful relationships to design and deliver welcoming library spaces and services.
  2. Launching the Deadly Collection:
    • We are excited to launch the Deadly Collection on 4 August, a curated collection of picture books put together in partnership with the local First Nations community, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to co-designing library services with our First Nations communities.
  3. Prominent Visual Displays of Support:
    • Each YPRL branch now prominently displays a banner detailing our support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.
    • We now publicly display our support on our website and email signatures.
  4. Promoting Democracy:
    • YPRL is dedicated to promoting your democratic rights by providing you with access to information on the upcoming referendum to enable you to make an informed vote as you see fit.

Please direct any comments or questions you may have about this endorsement to ypmail@yprl.vic.gov.au.

You can find out more on the Uluru Statement from the Heart website, or by checking out these titles about it that are available in our collection!

In this collection of essays, diverse religious leaders and thinkers come together to advocate for the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Contributors convey why a First Nations voice to parliament is necessary not only legally and politically, but also morally. Statements from the Soul shows that the Uluru Statement goes to the heart of who we are as a country and is essential to reconciliation.

Thomas Mayo goes behind the politics and legal speak to explain why the Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation to all Australians. Finding the Heart of the Nation focuses on the stories of First Nations People, including some new voices, looking at the truth of our past and present, and hopes for a better future. The campaign for Voice Treaty Truth is an opportunity to right some of the wrongs, give First Nations People a seat at the table, and to recognise that we are a nation with over 60,000 years of continuous culture.

This young reader's edition illustrates the reasons why the Uluru Statement from the Heart is important.

On 26 May 2017, after a historic process of consultation, the Uluru Statement from the Heart was read out. A clear and urgent call for reform to the community from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples asking for the establishment of a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected in the constitution and a process of agreement-making and truth-telling. Voice. Treaty. Truth.

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