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Why you should read Garth Nix

YPRL Staff

13 March, 2023

Looking for a read loved by your local librarian?


Introducing Garth Nix...


Garth Nix is an Australian author known for his vivid world building and imaginative characters.  Women feature quite frequently as the protagonist in his books, and I’ve always enjoyed the way he portrays his female characters with strength and ability, blending elements of traditional fantasy with a more modern style of storytelling.   

Known best for his series the Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom, his books have been widely praised for their unique brand of magic, adventure and humour.  And if you can find his first series, Seventh Tower they are very very good.

Here are some titles we recommend by Garth Nix: 


Terciel and Elinor: The latest book to be written about Ancelstierre and the Old Kingdom north of the wall.  Specifically, about Sabriel’s parents and the ongoing battle with the Dead. Yes, a little scary but the series was started before the huge influx of Zombie movie/TV series genre we see today.  A prequel written 15 years after Sabriel, but well worth the wait.   

Also available as: eAudio (Borrow Box), eBook (Borrow Box), eBook (Libby). 


Angel Mage: is a standalone story, unusual for fantasy but Garth manages to create and explain a new world without you missing a beat of the story that comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Also available as: eAudio (Borrow Box), Audiobook (MP3), Audiobook (CD), eBook (Borrow Box). 


The Left-Handed Booksellers of London: set in an alternative London of 1983, we follow Susan in her quest to find her father.  In doing so, she crosses the path of a Left-Handed Bookseller named Merlin St Jacques and enters the world of the magical booksellers.  Book 2, The Sinister Booksellers of Bath, will be published March 2023.  

Also available as: Audiobook (MP3), Audiobook (CD), eBook (Borrow Box), eAudio (Borrow Box). 



Other fantasy books to read :


The Novice by Taran Matharu The first book of his Summoner series, about Fletcher an orphaned blacksmith apprentice who discovers his ability to summon demons.  This is a fast and actioned packed trilogy, with a prequel, The Outcast,  written after the third book.  A common theme amongst fantasy writers, but a welcome one, when you get to experience more of the unique world they have created.  

Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend, another Australian author with a new refreshing take on the fantasy genre.  Her books have been praised for their humour, heart and sense of wonder.   Book 4, Silverborn, is due to be published September 2023, so plenty of time to catch up with Morrigan Crow and her adventures in Nevermoor!


- Ann at Watsonia Library 

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