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What is a Dyslexia Friendly Book?

YPRL Staff

1 September, 2023

Dyslexic children's books are here at YPRL! 


What is Dyslexia? 

It’s a difficulty in learning to read words, letters and other symbols. Dyslexia literally means 'trouble with words'. It is the term used to describe difficulties with spelling, writing and reading.  

Why do we have Dyslexia Friendly books?

Not all children find reading easy, that's why we have books available in many formats which are specially designed to help our young readers build their confidence and enhance their love of reading.

We have: 

  • Dyslexic books 
  • Audiobooks 
  • eBooks 
  • Story Box Library (an online reading room for reading and listening to stories) 
  • Kanopy has a range of children’s stories to watch and listen to 

 YPRL is committed to providing children with a library which is accessible and inclusive and can offer books in many formats. 

What makes a book Dyslexia friendly?

Special formatting like: 

  • Increased spacing between the letters and words 

  • Unique font 

  • Gentle tinted pages to ease visual stress 

  • Illustrations to complement the story 

What can YPRL offer for dyslexic children? 

Check out: 

  • The huge range of Dyslexic children's book via our catalogue 
  • Storybox Library which is like an online 'reading room'. Your child can be engaged and inspired when they hear and see so many different stories being read aloud by wonderfully engaging storytellers.  
  • TumbleBooks are e-books which add animation, sound, music and narration to stories. It's a great resource for children and teaches them the joy of reading in an interactive way. 
  • Kanopy - has an extensive children’s collection of read along storybooks, story time and so much more! 
  • Audio books on our apps: BorrowBox and Libby

Borrowing digitally from our eLibrary can be of particular benefit, did you know that you can customise font size, screen background (i.e. sepia tone, dark mode), and the font style itself on both Libby and BorrowBox? And one of those fonts you are able to select is the Dyslexia Friendly font! Meaning any book you read digitally through these apps can be changed to accommodate your reading needs and preferences - how cool is that? 

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