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10 February, 2023

Looking for a little tech support?

Did you get an exciting but unfamiliar digital device for Christmas? Do your family or friends really want to get you online to talk, share photos and that sort of thing?

If the world of computers and digital devices gets you in a tangle, how about coming to one of our branches for a bit of a hand and some friendly guidance.

We don’t bite and neither do those daunting digital devices!

We have a wide range of tech support programs available across our branches, these are facilitated through friendly volunteers as well as staff, don't hesitate to book a session!

If you have general enquiries on the use of computers or other electronic devices (mobile phones, e-readers, etc.) we can give you a walk through in half-hour sessions to get you started.

Tech Help Programs:


Tech Help at Ivanhoe:

Call Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub on 03 9497 5780 to make your booking, or register in the branch. These tech help sessions run every Tuesday morning with the help of one of our experienced volunteers. Booking Required. 

Tech Help at Watsonia:

Book an appointment for a one-on-one 30-minute session with another one of our experienced volunteers, running every Thursday in the afternoon! Call Watsonia Library on 9435 2397 to make your booking.

Watsonia Library also has a couple of excellent Tech Help: Staying Safe Online sessions coming up to teach you how to stay safe and make the online world work for you. This will be an informational talk with time for questions and answers.

Tech Help at Rosanna:

Sessions run every Wednesday afternoon at Rosanna library are available to book an appointment for a 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our library staff. Call Rosanna Library on 9459 6171 to make your booking.

Tech Help at Diamond Valley:

Call Diamond Valley Library to make a Tech Help booking on 9434 3809. It is by appointment only and you can make one anytime from Monday to Friday!

Tech Help at Lalor:

Call us the lovely Lalor Library on 9465 2353 to have 30 min consultation. You can bring your device and questions to the library! 

Tech Help at Whittlesea:

Our Whittlesea branch regularly one-on-one tech help sessions with our friendly staff. Please call the library on 9716 3028 to make a booking!

Tech Help at Mill Park:

With one-on-one sessions running on either a Wednesday or a Friday, there's plenty of space to snatch a helpful 30 minutes with one of the experienced staff at Mill Park to help you with any tech enquiries you have. Phone Mill Park Library, 9437 8189 to make your booking.

Mill Park is also running an excellent Media Conversion Workshop: Do you have VHS videos, photo slides or cassette tapes that require digitising? Come along to this demonstration workshop and find out how. Have a go with the equipment and find out more about our library media conversion program! Bookings required.

Tech Help at Thomastown:

Also running every Thursday afternoon at Thomastown are our one-on-one sessions with an experienced volunteer, call the branch at 9464 1864 to make your booking.

If you want to go a bit deeper then that’s alright too! You might find just what you’re looking for on LinkedIn Learning. You’ll find plenty of educational and informative content there that can take you further than the half-hour sessions mentioned above.

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