Small Business Support: Interviewer Techniques

YPRL Staff

11 March, 2022

For this month, we’re exploring recruitment interviewer techniques for small businesses.

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Hiring employees: Interviewer techniques

While it is important for job applicants to learn effective interview techniques to land their dream job, it is also important for prospective employers to recruit successfully as well.

Employers want to hire great candidates to help their businesses perform and grow. Interviewer techniques such as taking control of the interview, and using clear communication and effective note-taking are vital in helping you ensure you get the right candidate.

Here we've compiled our top three picks for recruitment interview techniques.

Case Studies in Recruitment (via Kanopy)
Getting a job is one of life's big challenges. But how does it look from the employers' point of view? This documentary looks at how a small business, a hospital, and a supermarket recruit their staff.

Introducing the Interview: Recruitment Interview Techniques (via Kanopy)
'Introducing the Interview' is part of a series of instructional films from The Development Company. 10 short scenarios totalling 28 minutes of footage, including introducing an interview, what to do when it goes wrong — recovering the wrong question, best practice coaching to improve note-taking, assessing the evidence, and ending the interview.

This course also covers essentials such as the documentation used in the recruitment process, templates and example behavioural (competency-based) questions.

How to start your own business... and make it work by Cheryl Rickman, 2021
Discover everything you need to know to turn your big idea into a thriving business with this unique visual guide. Packed with practical, authoritative advice and graphics that demystify complex topics, such as recruiting and managing staff, this book will give you all the tools you need to understand how a modern start-up works, and create your own.

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