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YPRL Staff

3 November, 2022

Protect yourself from scams

From social media to web browsing and shopping online, we can’t be sure that people or businesses are who they say they are. These days it is common to feel insecure about your online activity but being aware of internet tricksters is one of the most important steps to avoiding them. Once you are aware of their tricks, it should be easier to spot a scam. 


Read more from Scam Watch Australia to help you identify common scams that are underway around Australia. You can even opt in to receive email alerts about new and ongoing scams.  


Why is it important that you report a scam? If you are a victim of scamming, reporting the incident can help police and other authorities to track the scammer’s online activity or location to prevent further offenses. It also helps to alert people like you to look out for these internet cons. You can submit a report to Consumer Affairs Victoria. 


Some organisations offer free webinars about scamming and other topics related to online and digital safety. Check out the Be Connected website, supported by the Australian Government. 

Find more information about scamming via the official website of Australia Competition & Consumer Commission: ACCC Protect yourself from SCAM . 

Test Yourself 

Knowing about common online scams can help you understand how to protect yourself from being scammed. If you can't spot a scam, take the quiz below to test your knowledge and possibly learn some new ways to avoid being scammed. 

Check out this SCAM QUIZ:  How scam savvy are you? 

How can YPRL help?

Head to your nearest YPRL branch and use our computers to sign up for free online webinars that will teach you to become scam-aware and boost your internet confidence. 

Come along to these SCAM Awareness info sessions:

Tech Help: Staying Safe Online at the Rosanna Library
Monday 14 November, 2.30 - 3.30pm

Tech Help: Staying Safe Online at the Watsonia Library
Monday 18 November, 11.00 - 12.00 pm

Tech Help: Staying Safe Online at the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub
Wednesday 22 November, 11.00 - 12.00 pm

A couple of books to get you started:

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

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