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YPRL Staff

24 February, 2023

After-School Activities are back!

What better time to get your kids involved in after-school activities than now – the beginning of a new school year! New routines are being forged right at this very moment, with parents eager to fill their children’s extra-curricular calendar with fun and engaging programs. 

This is where we come in: across our 9 branches, Monday to Friday, there’s something on every day after school for you children to enjoy. 

We could talk forever about the benefits of getting children involved in after-school programs, but we’re confident our top 3 reasons are enough to persuade you to sign your child up for our FREE programs: 

1. Socialisation: after-school activities help children develop important social skills, where they use different strategies to interact with and form bonds with children they don’t know. This builds confidence in children to manage unfamiliar situations and navigate social settings, as well as to solve problems with others through negotiation and collaboration. 

2. Creativity: our programs encourage children to explore and create new frontiers through a range of mediums, such as found or recycled materials, new technologies such as AR and VR, or simply their own voices and bodies in our active programs. Our try, test, learn approach emboldens children to take risks in their creative practice and to find their creative spirit. 

3. Health and Wellbeing: healthy kids are happy kids. After-school programs keep children’s minds and bodies active, which in turn lowers the risk of illness developing. Our programs promote healthy living in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Warning! Bonus Material!

Your child’s participation in our programs may result in a deep appreciation and understanding of the role libraries play in people’s lives, and how they impact society for good. Teaching children how to use library spaces is the secret ingredient to keep them coming back as adults. 

Here are some of our exciting programs:

Monday: Lego Club, Eltham, 4:00-5:00pm 

Tuesday: Tinker Time Code Club for Beginners, Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, 4:00-5:00pm 

Wednesday: Craft Club, Eltham, 4:00-5:00pm 

Thursday: Creative Writing Group for Teens, Mill Park, 4:00-5:00pm 

Friday: After School Chill Zone, Lalor, 3:30-4:30pm 

And that is just to list a few! You can also browse under our After School Activities events page to see the wide range of extra curricular activities across all of our branches. We look forward to seeing you there?

At YPRL we also know the challenges parents face in trying to juggle after-school schedules. That’s why we’ve put together a list of awesome resources your child can borrow and try out at home: 


Ten-minute fun and easy projects: 65 craft activities you can make in a flash by Christopher Harbo, Sarah L. Schuette, and Tammy Enz

Cardboard Castle Challenge! by Sue Gagliardi

The Great Outdoors Activity Book by Jamie Ambrose

I Am Not A Cereal Box: exciting things to make with cereal boxes by Sara Stanford

Yoga for Kids by Susannah Hoffman

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