Lockdown Boredom Busters

YPRL Staff

12 February, 2021

With the another lockdown hitting Victoria, and many children learning from home, we're dusting off some of our lockdown activities from 2020 to share with you all!

For a full list of activities, visit our Facebook video library and download our activity guide.

Make Corner Bookmarks

In this activity, we use a simple folding technique to make corner bookmarks for all of your books. Decorate a little or a lot. Funny faces, scary monsters or beautiful zentangles, let your imagination go wild! If you’re in need of inspiration, you can get some ideas and instructions Red Ted Art.

Fold Origami Spinning Tops

In this activity, Jackie turns regular paper you can find at home, into incredible Spinning Tops using the ancient art of Origami. You can also find step-by-step instructions to help you further.

Science Club: Coloured Salt and Sensory Fun

Welcome to Science Club! Join Teresa as she shows us how to make coloured salt and a sensory balloon. You may need some extra materials for this one: salt, chalk, small jar, paper, balloons, oats/salt/rice/flour, funnel, pen/pencil/texta, tablecloth/drop sheet.

Lego Art Challenge

Have you ever thought about turning your Lego bricks into art? Stella demonstrates different techniques to turn your humble bricks into masterpieces worthy of the fridge door. Instructions can also be found on Frugal Fun.

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