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6 June, 2024

Audiobook Appreciation Month

With the winter weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to get cosy with a good book. However, when it’s cold and wet, leaving the house may be the last thing you feel like doing. Unless you’re on a road trip up north to chase the sun. 

So, what can you do if you need a new book to enjoy from the comfort of your couch, or to pass the travel time? 

Answer: Audiobooks!

Audiobooks can be borrowed for free, and listened to from wherever you are, using your library membership. BorrowBox, Libby and Overdrive are digital platforms you can borrow audiobooks from, not to mention eBooks, magazines, and listen to/read them at your leisure! 

Should you feel like bracing the cooler weather, all YPRL branches also have an array of audiobook CDs and MP3s available for borrowing from our shelves.

Podcast fans will likely find the transition to audiobooks easier but if you’ve never listened to an audiobook, never fear, you may find new benefits to ‘reading’ in this way. Audiobooks are ideal for busy people or those who struggle to sit and focus. You can listen while you’re doing life admin to spice things up a bit! 

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month so there’s no time like the present to try them out. 

While many audiobooks can be 10-11 hours long, (a Harry Potter book is over 29 hours!) but these shorter ones, published this year, will ease you into this exciting new world...

Pity by Andrew McMillan 

3hrs 56mins 

Brothers Alex and Brian have spent their lives in the mining town their father lived and his father, too. Now middle aged and reeling from the collapse of his personal life, Alex must reckon with part of his identity he has tried to conceal.

His child, Simon, has no memory of the mines. Now in his 20s, he derives passion from his side hustle in sex work and weekly drag gigs.

Driven to Murder by Debbie Young 

5hrs 25mins 

Change is coming to Wendlebury Barrow, and not everyone is happy about it... When the local bus company announces it will be stopping its route through their quaint Cotswold village, the community are not happy. But the locals' peaceful protests turn deadly when a body is discovered on the Number 27 bus. No one knows how Janice Boggins met her demise. While the police wait for the postmortem, local woman, Sophie, launches her own investigation.

Can she solve the murder before another passenger is hurt? 

Body-confident: A Guide to Raising Happy Eaters by Emma Wright

6hrs 48min 

Also available as eAudio (BorrowBox).

In this practical audiobook, body-confidence parenting coach Emma Wright uses current research to put an end to fights at the dinner table with your child/young person.

Emma explores the impact of food choices on children’s self-image, social media, sex, fitting in with friends, sleep and communication.  

Cross Hairs by James Patterson 

7hrs 7min

Also available as eAudio (BorrowBox).

Detective Michael Bennett teams with a shooting expert - a former army ranger and sniper with NYPD's Emergency Services Unit. But Officer Rob Trilling seems more comfortable with rifles than people.

When his new partner has unexplained absences from duty, only Bennett can prove whether the decorated officer is a lonely hunter or a hardened assassin. 

Ex in the city by Karen Cass 

7hrs 30min 

Nicole Wilde's life has not panned out as expected. 10 years ago, when she was living the rock star lifestyle as a music journalist, touring the country, going to gigs and hanging out with celebrities. She never thought she would end up living an uneventful life in suburbia.

When rock star Dylan King arrives on her doorstep needing help to restore his image, she can't resist one last trip down memory lane. When her old and new life collide, she realises you can't run from your past and you must follow your heart... 

Darkness Runs Deep by Claire McNeel 

7hrs 55min 

Also available as eAudio (BorrowBox).

In the darkest hour, a blood-soaked teenager flees the rural Gerandaroo football oval. Eight months later, Bess, a young teacher, returns home to the town. A childhood game of dare with her former best friend forces Bess to form a women's footy team to play against rival town Denby. She must contend with hostile locals.

Will this help the small community to come back together - or will it be the final thing that blows everything apart?  

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