Haunted Library Experience!

YPRL Staff

31 August, 2023

Thomastown’s Haunted Library Experience Crafted by Teen Talents 


Thomastown Library is inviting teen talents to collaborate and create a haunted library experience like no other! It's an opportunity for young minds to blend their passion for storytelling, design, and the supernatural to craft an unforgettable journey into the unknown. By harnessing the creativity of local teenagers, we are set to transform the library into a haunted realm, immersing visitors in an eerie narrative that will send shivers down their spines. 

Whether you're a gifted writer, an aspiring artist, a tech wizard, or a sound effects guru, the library wants your skills. This project is an invaluable opportunity for teens to learn the art of collaboration, problem-solving, and project management!

Drop-in sessions will be flexible so there is no pressure and no commitment. Unwind and take your mind off exams by letting your creativity run wild! So, if you're a teen with a knack for the eerie and a passion for creativity, the haunted library experience at Thomastown Library might just be your chance to shine. 

Register for the first session here!

This event is run in collaboration with Baseline and Thomastown Precinct and Activation Group (TPAG). 

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