Genre Reading Challenge

YPRL Staff

5 July, 2022

Like myself, many voracious readers will have a comfort genre that’s always easy to get into, whether your go-to is crime, fantasy, romance, or one of the many other genres available at the library, there’s just something about being able to pick a book from a shelf in a particular genre and being able to know that you are likely to enjoy it. My go-to is anything fantasy, I know I’ll generally love whatever I pick up in this genre, but I’m wondering if maybe I’ve almost...overdone it a bit too much recently.   

So, this year I’m consciously trying to challenge myself to read more outside of my genre comfort zone, and if you are so inclined to challenge yourself to step out of a genre that you’re very committed to, then look no further! 

This list is designed with a few over-arching genres that may be new to a lot of people, with then a few book suggestions for that genre underneath that are available in our catalogue.  

You can work your way through the list and pick and choose a book where you think you might be interested. Or, if you’d really like to broaden your reading scope, then perhaps you can challenge yourself to read one book from every genre listed below. 

Happy reading, and I hope that you find a new genre that you enjoy! 


1. A romance novel by a black author: 



2. A true crime book by a woman: 




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