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YPRL Staff

4 August, 2022

With the cost of living currently on the rise, we are all feeling aware of the pressure to be able to pay for day-to-day costs and trying to find ways to reduce this burden. Whether it be cutting down on electronics usage at home, buying less take away food, or reducing our time driving to save on fuel, there are many ways we can not only reduce the cost-of-living burden on ourselves, but also contribute to alternatives that create less waste and reduce our carbon footprint.  

YPRL offers many opportunities for people to reduce their cost of living by instead accessing resources for free within the library. Can’t afford to pay for internet every month on top of a phone bill? Some of our members opt for just paying for their phone and using the library public free Wi-Fi whenever they have larger, more time-consuming projects to complete online. (Or even making a free wifi call!) If you don’t want to pay for multiple streaming services to be able to watch the movies and shows you enjoy, it’s likely the library will have it in the collection (DVDs or streaming through Kanopy) for you to borrow as many times as your heart desires to watch or re-watch these things – without the monthly costs!  

But perhaps the most concerning and unsustainable cost right now is, yes you guessed it: cost of fuel!   

With this in mind, YPRL has updated each of our branch's information pages with a link that will take you to Google maps where you can enter your current address or location to help you find a route to access your local branch via public transport. 

It will be easiest to use these pre-set Google maps routes to find your route to a branch if you already have the Google maps app downloaded, which you can do for both Apple or Android by searching for the app and downloading it for free from these stores.  

Below is a rundown of all our branches with the direct links to find your route via public transport, alternatively you will always be able to find these pre-set routes by selecting the branch you would like to go to through the “Our Branches” tab at the top of our website. Then scrolling down your selected branches page you will see the  “Get here on public transport” tile, which will open your downloaded Google maps app to get you on your way!

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