Braille Books now Available!

YPRL Staff

4 July, 2023

Braille children's books now at YPRL!

Braille books are a tactile writing system using a series of raised dots on a page. These dots represent letters, numbers and punctuation. Children's braille picture books look just like any other book however the text is produced in braille and has wording.

This is a beautiful way for sighted and the visually impaired to read and enjoy together. 

Reading is such an important part in the learning and development of children, and Braille books can help children who have vision loss to learn and develop in a unique, sensory way to support their literacy and learning!

Braille books are important so children are introduced to reading at a young age, through physically holding a book, learning about spelling and punctuation, they can read a story and be transported to the place in the book!  It is also a way of bonding and connecting with your child and sharing a book together. 

YPRL is committed to meeting the needs of our diverse community and have added some beautiful braille books to start our collection.  We know it is so important for our children to be exposed to a literacy rich environment. To have books that have braille, print and pictures can assist children to participate in reading as they explore with their hands along with their eyes.  

You can search for Braille books in our collection by typing in 'braille' on the Yarra Plenty Regional Library website, you can get started now by heading over to our catalogue!

All YPRL members can borrow these books, and it's also a wonderful way to teach children the different ways a book can be read. 

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