5 Courses to Boost Your Creativity

YPRL Staff

5 January, 2023

What even is "creativity"?

Creativity is most often thought of in terms of art or craft, but it is much more than that!

It can be using your original ideas to create an invention, an idea, a theory, or even a joke, seeing things from a different perspective, or using your imagination to create something. 

Did you know it is possible to increase your creativity?  Like any other skill, it can be developed with practice. LinkedIn Learning, available for free with your Yarra Plenty Regional Library membership, has bootcamps, training, and learning ideas that can help you increase your creativity, and improve your business, your making, or your life. 

#1: Creativity Boot Camp with Stefan Mumaw 

All it takes to start flexing your creative muscles is an hour of your time and ourCreativity Bootcamp. This fun and hands-on course guides you through five interactive training exercises that will help you boost your creative output and produce even more innovative ideas. 

Once you have finished this one, head over to Creativity Boot Camp 2: Creativity Fuel, also with Stefan Mumaw.

#2: Creative Exercises to Spark Original Thinking with Amy Wynne 

Discover short exercises to build your creative habits, refresh your inspiration, and dispel your inhibitions. This course consists of 20 hands-on prompts to inspire and motivate anyone to experiment with new materials and techniques!  

#3: How to Boost Your Creativity At Home in 10 Days with Dave Birss 


Watch one lesson a day and spend time on an exercise.  Learn how to expand your mind, how to spot problems, and how to turn those into opportunities.   

#4: Creativity Tips for All - Weekly with Ben Long

Get weekly tips that can help you nurture your spontaneous impulses, reignite dormant creative powers, and leverage your innate creativity in all areas of your life. Tune in every week for a new tip!

#5: 21-Day Creative Exercise Desk Challenge with Stefan Mumaw 

Turn your desk into a creative idea station where inspiration is always just an arm's reach away.  This course offers 21 days of desk-based creative exercises that show you have everything you need to be your creative best—right in front of you. Follow along with each 10-minute challenge using only the materials you can reach at your desk.  

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