Unfinished Business by Textile Art Community


In partnership with Banyule City Council

Everyone has unfinished projects: the half-knitted jumper, half-sewn skirt...  We seem unable to either throw them away or finish them.  They often represent significant sums of money, have taken time or raised expectations.  And they all have stories.  

Why waste those things and the very materials they are made of?  How interesting to find out why a person started their project, and how challenging to transform it into something new and finished.   

The Textile Art Community invites Banyule community members to donate unfinished objects and share their stories.  Local artists will then take up the challenge to transform them into something quite different.

All unfinished projects are welcome, not just textile works. The process will be documented through photography and/or video, where granted permission.  

Donate your unfinished projects to:

Watsonia Library
Wednesday 18 October to Saturday 21 October
10.00am – 2.00pm

Shop 48 – The Harmony Centre
Bell Street Mall, Heidelberg West
Wednesday 25 October to Saturday 28 October
11.00am – 2.00pm

If you’re an artist interested in the finishing part of the project, please email us via textileartcommunity@gmail.com. Works will be exhibited at Hatch Contemporary Art Space in February 2018. The story of each piece will feature as part of the exhibition.

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