The Best Australian Books

Thanks to Better Reading  BORROW ME! The Secret River Seven Little Australians The Sound of One Hand Clapping The Engagement Amnesia Mateship With Birds The Man Who Loved Children The Pleasures of Leisure The World Beneath Golden Boys The Great World Five Bells Burial Rites The Bodysurfers Drylands The Turning The Book Thief Questions of…
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Author Fight Club

Who gets your vote? Want to see results from the previous author fight club rounds? See here! Why not borrow one of these amazing author's books? Put one on hold today.  I want to see more Lois Lowry books. I want to see more Patrick Ness books.…
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Author Fight Club Results

Have you been voting? Do you want to know if your favourite made it through and who has been knocked out?  See the latest results here: Fight (Round ONE) Winner Graeme Base VS J.R.R Tolkein Graeme Base Stephen King VS J.K Rowling Stephen King Tim Winton VS Enid Blyton Enid Blyton Jane Austen VS Danielle…
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