Bedroom/s – Lella Cariddi

  ITALY This night 29 March nineteen-thirty-nine As clouds of war darken the sky Under the oblique gaze of Pope Pius XII on the wall In the bed of conception A woman’s waters break Over two days and two nights Waves of contorting pain disfigure her beauty On the third dawn a tiny boy is…
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Where Nan Is – Stephanie Knight

  Gentle patter on window pane Steaming mug in hand Lounging in the lounge room Crocheted blanket on my lap Smiling faces framed on wall Radio static AM magic Rifts of time and passage open up History all around Blanket snug like own Nan’s arms Familiar, comfortable Family home Clocks ticking counting down Wasting the…
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The Trapdoor – Anna Hetyey

  The lull in the conversation, the signal for something new. In desperation, ideas become too few. Walking to the lounge room, to all appearances normal. Silent, eerie, like a tomb.  Awkward in feeling, and formal. The blinking, the hesitation, seeking reassurance with a smile. Hands and knees and concentration – “Here it is, stay…
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