Suggest for Purchase

If you don’t see something in our Catalogue we may be able to purchase it.  Of course, you might want to check if you can Borrow it from Another Library first.

Library users can make requests for items not held in the collection to be purchased. Each request is assessed  based on the Collection Development Policy and the current year’s specifications.

The majority of requests are purchased.

Is there a book, movie, CD or magazine you think the library should purchase?
Let us know by filling out the suggest for purchase form.

If you have made a suggestion, you will receive a notification advising whether the item will be purchased.

Click here to Make a Suggestion

Please note that a hold will not be placed for you on your suggested title. The arrival of a new title can take several weeks. We encourage you to check the catalogue periodically and place a hold when the item becomes available. Library staff members can help you.

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