What’s On After School


There are so many choices for after school activities: football, swimming, dancing, karate, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, art, cookery, drama, scouts, music... the list goes on. What do your kids do?

Parents are always on the look out for activities that will give their kids an advantage, entertain them, educate them, help them, upskill them. Something for them to try, something for them to enjoy or even something that might reveal that they are a closet savant. Or maybe just reduce their TV time?

All these activities can be expensive. By the time you add up the cost of the activity and all of the equipment, accessories, uniform, special events, training, grading, performances and whatever else is deemed necessary... your wallet is left limp, frail and threatening to go on stress leave or strike!

We all want to give our children everything and the very best start in life. We want them to be well-rounded and happy. What if I told you that there are a whole range of activities for your child that are sneakily educational, fun, local and (brace yourself I'm going to use the F word) FREE!

Did you know that all of Yarra Plenty Regional Library branches have many After School Activities? These are a program for primary school children that can include art, craft, technology, movies and games. They also offer special-themed sessions throughout the year. You can find the times for each branch in the latest What's On @YPRL brochure.

But this is just beginning. Why not have them try code club, science club, LEGO club, chess, kids knitting, electronics, homework help, gardening, computer club (this can include gaming: online games, on the iPads or the XBox), doggy tales or 3D printingThese activities and clubs are offered regularly at many of our branches (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

And if your child is a little older we have some youth focused options too: Youth Public Art Group, book clubs, writing groups and tutoring.

So before you rush out and sign your child up for another expensive activity or before your wallet has a meltdown... check out what your local library has to offer.