This time you know it's the real thing! The new website is finally here, but BYO bells and whistles (Libraries find loud noises quite startling). Things are looking a little different but rest assured that everything you know and love is still here, with plenty more things for you to discover.


Yarra Plenty Regional Library's website has undergone an upgrade of the Content Management System and the User Experience. What does this mean for you? The way you discover your favourite library content online has changed a little.

The front page is now arranged in decks and organised according to content type. You will see a deck for Read, a deck for Meet, a deck for Learn, Genealogy, Kids, Library News and more! You can scroll through the individual content or cards in these decks without leaving the front page or you can click a card of interest to discover more about that topic.


Have a play, discover and learn! If you have any feedback, questions or cupcakes we would certainly love to hear from you.

You can contact us here: or talk to the staff and volunteers at your local library.