What is Tablo?

Tablo is a social self-publishing platform that allows authors to write books that can then be discovered by a large global community of readers. Authors can build a following as well as explore and follow emerging writers and books across many genres.

Write! Publish and share a little or a lot. It's up to you. You can share works-in-progress for feedback, serialised work (a chapter or section at a time), or a whole book at once.

Read! Follow a particular author, read niche genres, or even be one of the first to discover emerging authors.


What is Communities? Why should you join? 

This is a world-first initiative that allows authors (and readers) to connect with the library and other borrowers. You can discover authors, hidden gems and great undiscovered masterpieces to read. You can comment and help workshop and shape the writing of others and also receive feedback on your writing.

This new Community feature means when you publish your writing, the other YPRL Community members will see and you can connect with local writers and readers. Any writing you publish through Tablo as a member of our Community essentially forms a new part of our library collection (that others can read freely and not have to borrow and return). Your words will reach individuals local to the area and gain greater exposure for your work.

You can create and join in discussions to share ideas, pose questions and develop your writing. We will alert you to writing or author events at the library, share writing prompts, tips and discussion topics.You can even ask one of industry experts or librarians a question. Like... what titles, genres or authors are popular and being borrowed? What titles might be helpful to improve writing skills and techniques? Do you know of any upcoming local writing competitions or open mic nights?

Connect with local writers and like-minded word-enthusiasts through your library community on Tablo.


How can you get involved?

You can create your own account on Tablo and get writing straight away. Share your writing AND read the original stories of others. It is Free and easy to use. Check it out here.

You can access it on the web or through the app downloadable to your iPhone or iPad.

Find the Community icon along the bottom and Join the YPRL Community. We hope to see you there.