Sustainable Energy Kits To Help You Save

Are you tired of the cost of those pesky power bills? Are you looking for a way to curb the amount of energy that you’re using? As a starting point it’s a good idea to know how much you’re using. Nillumbik Council has put together a number of Energy Home Audit kits that can be borrowed from Eltham or Diamond Valley libraries that will allow you to measure how much energy an appliance is using. Each kit contains the following:

  • A cup to measure water use
  • A sustainable home audit sheet for you to fill in
  • A book detailing ways to make your home sustainable
  • A thermometer to measure the temperature of your home
  • A booklet on rebates and environmental programs
  • A PowerMate to measure energy consumption of the appliance it’s plugged into.
  • Information on what the PowerMate is and how to use it

(See picture below)

These kits are a great way to measure how much energy your home is using and provides you with suggestions on how you can cut down those bills while improving your home to make it more sustainable.