School Holidays are here!

The kids are on a countdown but are you?


There is more and more pressure these days to ‘entertain’ children. And in winter there is no simply playing at the park. A trip to the cinema is no longer a treat as there is an expectation to see multiple if not all of the new release kids films. But who can afford it? A day at the movies is such a drain on the wallet that you start to resent their pleas for giant vats of over-salted popcorn and rubbery choc-tops. So you put your thinking cap on… roller blading, a play centre, a trampoline, bowling, the swimming pool, Scienceworks. You pat yourself on the back for awesome parenting.  But, now you have no money left and that only covers one week of the holidays. So before you start to have premonitions of monkey-children swinging from your light fittings, drawing on your walls or turning into square-eyed zombies in front of the tv/ipad/playstation/or whatever other screen you own, let me present a way-out crazy idea.

Your local library.

I know , I know it’s a whacky thought but stay with me. These days the library is not the shhh-libraries of old. In fact, there’s so much going on that it is hard to keep track and these school holidays are no exception. There is no trick, I promise. No small print, no ulterior motives. Hold onto your undies…

Free activities for kids. Indoors. Warm. Entertaining. And very often sneakily educational.

So check out the Worldly Adventures School Holiday program at the library. There are awesome activities (very non-stereotypical library goings-on) from African drumming (Lalor Library) and Bollywood dancing (Mill Park) to Cosmodome Mobile Planetarium (Eltham Library) and Stop Motion animation (Rosanna Library). You are sure to find something your kids will love that won’t drain your wallet or destroy your house.