OverDrive Update

Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst the Overdrive platform was being updated. We are aware that there have been a few problems and we apologise for the inconvenience.

The Yarra Plenty/Brisbane library Overdrive consortia commenced in January 2008. Since that time, access to digital content has evolved and improved markedly and therefore a decision was made to separate the platforms. Part of this decision included negotiations on how the collection was to be split.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library continues to provide the largest collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks in Victoria.

Here are some FAQs about how to continue accessing eBooks and eAudiobooks via OverDrive:

Do I need to log in again?

Yes, if you are accessing the platform or the Libby app for the first time since the new platform, you will need to log-in again.

I have been using the Overdrive app, is the Libby app different?

The Libby app (icon has a little girl’s head) is the new Overdrive app and is much easier to access than the old Overdrive app (blue icon). We would encourage everyone to use the Libby app, if you are not already doing so.

I’m sure I used to have a particular title but I can’t find it anymore?

The title may have been deleted during the update, please use the Recommend to Library (RTL) function through the Overdrive platform on our website to place a recommendation for re-ordering the title.

Or alternatively you can make a suggestion for purchase on our website.

The titles I had loaned out have disappeared. Why?

All titles loaned out needed to be downloaded prior to the update. Any titles that weren’t downloaded were not able to be transferred. Please try to loan them again.

I had a hold on a title and it seems to have disappeared.

Unfortunately, holds were not able to be transferred across. Please place the hold again if you still wish to borrow that title.

I was told I could re-order a title to be purchased but now it isn’t available.

Sometimes publishers pull the digital rights for titles and our vendors are no longer able to supply that title.

I seem to have lost my wish lists and title ratings.

We apologise for this. Unfortunately, this was an unintended consequence of the process.


For access to more eBooks and eAudiobooks, please also visit our Borrowbox platform or app.