Membership Policy Updates

The introduction of YPRL's "No fines" policy has been a popular change for our members.  To support this, our Membership Policy has been updated to include changes to borrower statuses. The key changes to the policy are:

  • If you have an item that is overdue 7 days or more, you will be “BLOCKED” and not able to borrow anything until that overdue item is returned.
  • If you owe charges of $20.01 or more, you will be “BLOCKED” and not able to borrow anything until that charge is $20 or less.
  • If you have not returned an overdue item after 21 days, you will receive an “ASSUMED LOST” notice and will be required to pay for the item.

Why have we made these changes?

YPRL has made these changes because:

  • We want to ensure equal and fair access to our collections by all members
  • we want to reduce the waiting time for holds
  • we want to ensure our collection is rotated frequently
  • we want to encourage you to return overdue items within 7 days
  • we want to support our “no fines” policy.

What are the overdue NOTIFICATION changes?

  • A courtesy email or SMS reminder is sent to all borrowers who have provided an email address/mobile phone number as their preferred form of notification 2 days before items are due and another notification 7 days after the items were due, if not returned in the meantime.
  • An assumed lost notice is sent out if items are still overdue at 21 days;
  • Post: a notice is sent if the item is 7 days overdue (reduced from 10); an assumed lost notice is posted if the item is still overdue at 21 days.
  • SMS: a 2nd SMS is sent out if an item becomes 7 days overdue (reduced from 10)