Free iPad Program for Seniors

Library Members with a Seniors Card Can Borrow an iPad from the Library


Seniors Connect is a 12-month pilot program being run by Yarra Plenty Regional Library in partnership with Telstra and the State Government.

As part of the program, members of Yarra Plenty Regional Library who have a Seniors Card can borrow an iPad from the library and receive personal training.

(It is free to join Yarra Plenty Regional Library. You can join if you live or work in Victoria.)

For the pilot program, the iPads can be borrowed from Rosanna Library. (The program may be expanded to other branches after the pilot program has finished.)

There are 20 iPads available for loan from Rosanna Library for a three-week period. You may not be able to borrow one straight away. If this is the case, you will go on a waiting list and will be notified when there is an iPad available for loan. The iPad loan can be renewed for another 3-week period if there is no one on the waiting list.

Please phone Rosanna Library on 9459 6171 to enquire. When there is an iPad available you will need to book in an hour-long appointment at the library for an introduction, initial training and to fill in a survey.

You will also be provided with a bag with helpful information including iPad Basics guidelines, Seniors Connect iPad Quick reference Guide, Learn @ YPRL program booklet, a notebook, How to Explore the World Wide Web booklet and an evaluation survey.

The iPad will come preinstalled with appropriate apps but you will need to create an Apple ID. Complimentary $100 Telstra credit will be applied to Sim Card for 4G use (connection to the internet) before the iPad is loaned. The $100 represents 12 gigabytes of data. It is unlikely you will exceed the $100 of credit during your loan period.

Training is run by Yarra Plenty Regional Library staff and volunteers.

For small queries (less than 15 minutes), come along to a drop-in help session at Rosanna Library, 72 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna. These sessions are held every Thursday morning from 10.00am - 11.00am.

For more lengthy queries, book a personal one-on-one help session by phoning Rosanna Library on 9459 6171.

The Learn@YPRL program lists all the technology learning available at all YPRL branches, including iPad-relevant training. You can also download this brochure from

For more information, phone Rosanna Library on 9459 6171

Please note this program is also being offered to Yarra Plenty Regional Library Home Library clients and in aged care facilities. For more information about this, please contact Yarra Plenty Regional Library Seniors and Volunteers Coordinator Carolyn Jury 9088 3425