Book Express FAQs

YPRL is pleased to announce its newest collection that will help connect members with their next great read...
Book Express. And we have now extended it to two branches!

What is it?
How is it different from all the other books on the library shelves?

It is a collection of books, immediately visible upon entering the library. They are the best, newest and most popular fiction and non-fiction titles selected by our expert librarians. You can recognise the books by the stripy sticker. 

We may have copies of these books as part of our usual library collection but popular titles often have lots of holds and a long waiting time. So, we have put aside copies of these hot reads for Book Express so you can walk in and immediately borrow them. NO WAITING!

Where is it?

Book Express is only at selected branches but it is growing. It is currently located at Mill Park Library and now Watsonia Library

So let me get this straight...

Book Express items are available:

  • For 3 week loans
  • No renewals
  • No Holds
  • Borrow up to 5 Book Express books at a time
  • Borrow from Mill Park Library or Watsonia Library, return to any branch