Crime Book Returned to Ivanhoe 27 Years Late

An overdue library book was returned to us today in the post.

Arriving in an anonymous envelope, smothered in 5 cent stamps and addressed to “Heidelberg Regional Library". We are delighted to have our prodigal library book returned but had to laugh when we looked at the due date.

This little gem was due on the 19th March 1984!

Of course, we had long ago given up all hope of ever seeing it again and the item was no longer in our catalogue. How lovely that someone felt responsible after all this time and made sure that it came back.

At today’s prices, the fine would potentially be $2463.75!! (Lucky we have a fine limit!) So a big thankyou to the person who took the trouble to return their library book ... 27 years late.

Does anyone else find the title a little ironic?