Membership of the Library

JoiningYarra Plenty Regional Library (YPRL) provides free membership to any person in Victoria.

Membership gives you access to nine branches across the region - three member councils -
City of Banyule, Shire of Nillumbik and City of Whittlesea.

This supports the library’s strategy:

We provide free public access to popular, timely and desirable content that is easy to find in order to make available information, knowledge and culture

We offer programs, activities and learning opportunities that make a difference to people’s lives in order to improve their wellbeing

Membership is for 3 years. Borrowers are automatically removed from the system if they do not use their card for 3 years.

Library users may apply for full membership or PC use only membership.

Individuals applying for full membership are required to provide proof of name and current address.

Individuals applying for PC use only memberships are required to provide proof of name with a traceable form of ID. This membership allows PC use but does not permit borrowing.

A signature of a parent or legal guardian is normally required for anyone under 18 years of age. Young people under 18 who have their own health care card or who live independently may join as an adult. Proof of name and address is required – Learner’s permit or official document with name and current address. Young people residing in a Youth Refuge Centre may join upon receipt of identification of name and address from the Centre.

Toy Library Membership at Lalor library is available to children age 0 - 5 years whose parents/ guardians or care givers reside in or are ratepayers of the City of Whittlesea. A maximum of 3 items can be loaned for a 3 week period. Toys may be renewed twice. Toys may only be borrowed /returned in operating hours.

YPRL membership provides access to all branches and outreach vehicles.

All members, on joining, agree to abide by conditions as set out in the membership application form.

Membership may be suspended for failure to return overdue items or report damage to borrowed items or for non-payment of outstanding fines. It is the borrower’s responsibility to return items on time. Courtesy reminders are sent via sms or email (if details have been provided) however the lack of such notice does not absolve responsibility and overdue charges will be applied.

Confidentiality of membership records will be maintained by the Library Service.

Institutional Membership

YPRL provides Institutional membership to facilitate the use of the library by the community. Institutional Memberships are available to institutions within the three Member Council areas such as schools, kindergartens, child care centres and those involved with aged services.


The application form must be completed together with the signature from the person in charge of the institution and the institution’s official stamp. Details of membership can be entered at the branch and a library card will be issued by staff at the branch. Library cards can be retained and either be kept at the branch of use, or by the borrower. All completed application forms are to be forwarded to the Purchasing & Circulation Support Officer.

Privileges should expire after 1 year and can be entered manually.

No DVDs can be issued due to copyright regulations.

Institutional membership borrower numbers may not be used for general access to YPRL’s online databases as this contravenes licensing agreements.

Institutional members are exempted from library fines, however overdue notices will be sent as a reminder.

The entitlement of 30 items applies to Institutional members.

The institution takes full responsibility for items borrowed.

Lost or damaged items will require payment of replacement.

Overdue charges do not apply.