Pop-Up Robotic Maker Space

Our Robotics Maker Space kits will pop-up at branches across the region. Aimed at supporting and promoting a Victorian Government initiative that highlights the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematic (STEAM), these resources encourage people of all ages to envision, create, engineer and code their creations.

The Robotics Maker Space will provide hands-on experience, and an opportunity to communicate, collaborate, think logically and critically through a problem, and to brainstorm a solution, all while having fun.

Children and parents are given a chance to play and learn at their own pace with a number of resources.


LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 is a kit where you can build and program a LEGO creature, vehicle or machine with a programmer app that is compatible with most smartphones.

LEGO WeDo 2.0 is a robotics kit that combines LEGO bricks, software, and blueprints to help kids build and code their own projects.

Snap-on 80 Project Electronic Kit is made up of pieces that snap together to create circuits and switches that can run lights, motors, fans, and a sound effects machine. This kit is perfect for developing an understanding of the basic theories of electronics.

Sphero Kits includes a spherical robot that can be programmed and controlled via an App. Just like its ‘robot cousin’ BB8, Sphero can roll fast, travel for a set amount of time, change its colours, and can be used to play a number of games.

Bloxels Kits use a gaming board, coloured cubes and software for kids to build their own video game including animating their characters, developing a pixel environment, and easily sharing their creation with friends.

SAM Labs Team Kit includes motors, sensors, lights, wheels and more that combine to make robotic cars and other projects. Coding the SAM blocks is done through a smartphone or tablet App.

Micro:bit is a small programmable computer which can be used to make robots, musical instruments, create a mini weather station, and whatever your imagination can dream up.

mBot Robot Kit is comprised of a little robotic car that is built and coded from the ground up. With instructions and a bit of study, children can build a robot that will follow lines, avoid obstacles and be controlled via an App.

Airblock Drones that can be assembled or reconfigured to be a drone, hovercraft, car and more. Programming is easy, and can turn a humble drone into a stunt performing marvel.

Edison Robots work by using a small number of pre-programmed activities so children can learn the basics of computational thinking and coding. By using LEGO blocks an Edison Robot can be transformed into a creature, car or monster.

How can you access this travelling Maker Space?

The pop-up Maker Space kits will travel between our nine library branches.

More information on the sessions, workshops and events that feature these kits can be found in the What’s On @YPRL events brochure, or by searching under the events listings on the website. Some events may require bookings.

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