Pop-Up Craft Maker Space

Our Craft Maker Space kits will pop-up at branches across the region. They provide an opportunity to try new materials, tools and techniques that relate to a variety of craft, textiles and art activities. Whether you’re looking to test out a new hobby before investing in the materials involved, or to find a new way to express yourself creatively our Craft Maker Space activities are wonderful, structured place to start.


A Woodworking Kit which contains tools that burn pieces of wood. These kits will assist in the woodworking process, and can be used to build items like planter boxes, bird houses, vertical gardens, and more.

A Print Making Kit that contains Lino cutting and mono printing equipment, including ink, bookbinding needles, bone-folders, foam paper, a hand press, rollers and paper.

A Paper Making Kit contains a blender, paper frames, and scrap paper to create and personalise the final paper product.

A Felting Kit that includes felting needles to assist you as you turn raw material into a miniature artwork.

A Screen Printing Kit with screens, ink, paints and squeegees that are needed to easily transfer images onto fabric.

How can you access this travelling Maker Space?

The pop-up Maker Space kits will travel between by our nine library branches.

More information on the sessions, workshops and events that feature these kits can be found in the What’s On @YPRL events brochure, or by searching under the events listings on the website. Some events may require bookings.

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