Brain Health Maker Space @ Rosanna Library

The Rosanna Library Brain Health Maker Space is devoted to developing healthy minds by extending working memory capacity and fluid intelligence in the Rosanna community. The Brain Health Maker Space will feature brain training technology, resources, games, programs and events that are proven to assist brain development and allow individuals to work on their mental health whilst connecting with others including community groups. A book collection of relevant information will be permanently displayed.

Brain training exercises, games and challenges have been developed specifically to enhance mental acuity and cognitive capacity.


  • BrainSpace ­– A bar in the computer area that features four permanently installed iPads. These iPads contain a range of apps, brain training games and resources that are designed for cognitive development accessible to anyone in the library.

How can you access this Maker Space?

A series of board games, puzzles and challenges are freely available for public use any time the library is open.

The Maker Space hosts a regular program of events, demonstrations and workshops that facilitate mental development and community connection. Look out for event details in the What’s On @YPRL events brochure, in the events listings on the website or on display at Rosanna Library. Some require bookings. There will also be a different printed puzzle, brain bender or riddle every week that borrowers can take home.


Brain Training A facilitated session of brain training exercises selected for the mental improvement of seniors. The program will run once a month and engage active seniors from aged care facilities in the use of a series of iPad games to improve their working memory and mental acuity.

Wii Gamers A group of seniors from local aged care facilities participate in a monthly session where they play Wii games that encourage them to become physically active, intellectually stimulated and engage with each other in a fun and relaxed environment.

Chess Club A monthly group where anyone can come and play a game of chess in the library.

Scrabble Club A monthly group where anyone can come and play scrabble in the library.

Science Club Science Club will feature activities that extend the brain, promote learning through discovery and challenge cognitive and problem solving skills.

LEGO Club A safe, free and creative zone where anyone can come and build magnificent LEGO creations.

Brain Health Book List