Independent Book Groups

Discussions in a bag – just add readers.

The library is able to assist you in forming your own book group and you can meet wherever you like – at home, in a café or at the library.

You will be assigned a library staff member who will collect information from you about your group’s preferences and make selections for your group accordingly. Such selections are made from the list of book kits we offer and are subject to availability.

Most book kits contain 12 of the same title. In addition to the 12 books, some kits come with large type editions and discussion notes.

Independent book groups pay an annual fee of $100 per group. The money pays for additional book group kits.

Want to start your own book group? Fill out this form and a library staff member will get back to you.
Belonging to a book group is a great way to discover new authors, meet new people and talk about books. The Library supports different types of book groups. Library Facilitated Book Group Members meet on a monthly basis at the library and the groups are facilitated by staff. Form your own book group with friends, family or colleagues and meet on a monthly basis wherever you like! A staff member will facilitate the selection and supply of titles to your group. Independent book groups pay an annual fee of $100 per group. The money pays for additional book group kits. There is a book group for vision impaired readers who use DAISY readers. The book group meets regularly every first Tuesday of the month at Watsonia library. Staff assist with title selections and the group is facilitated by a staff member from Vision Australia. You might prefer to chat about the book you are currently reading rather than joining a Group and reading a set title. Informal book chats are held regularly at most branches.Want to Join a Book Club? Express your interest in joining a book group at your library or starting your own book group by filling out the below form. A library member will get back to you.
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