External Services
 LibraryLink and its participating libraries are not governed or answerable to YPRL staff, we cannot be held responsible for the loans requested by our users. If you use the service, you may incur fees from other libraries which must be paid on your YPRL card.

Cost of Service
There is a $10 service charge for Interlibrary loans and other charges from the lending library may also apply (some lending libraries charge $16.50 per item or $16.50 plus delivery charges for journal articles).  Fees are applied as soon as you receive the item, and must be paid even if you decide you no longer require the item.  Fees appear as a charge on your library card and are payable when you pick up your item.

One renewal per item is permitted, but the request must be submitted before the due date to avoid incurring overdue charges.

Make sure to return book straps attached to materials.  A fee of $5.00 applies to lost/non-returned book straps.

Other libraries have their own conditions regarding loans, so make sure to check how long you can keep their items and the consequences of late returns.

Want to Learn More...
Check out the full Resource Sharing Guidelines opens a new windowfor more information.