FUN Palaces 2019



Yarra Plenty Regional Library is proud to present our second ever Fun Palace. On Saturday 5 October all library branches will transform into Fun Palaces:

10.00am to 1.00pm

Eltham, Rosanna, Thomastown, Watsonia, Whittlesea Libraries

1.00pm to 4.00pm 

Diamond Valley, Ivanhoe, Lalor, Mill Park Libraries

Drop by to make, learn and explore!

Fun Palaces celebrate the unique skills and passions of local people – run by, for and with the local community. Activities bring art, science, craft, tech, digital, heritage and sports – but above all PEOPLE – together, to CREATE, have FUN and build communities from the grassroots up!

These exciting events are a big deal in the UK, and we’re totally committed to bringing the excitement to our own shores.

Maybe ‘fun palace’ conjures the image of a jumping castle, or some kind of regal roller-coaster. That’s not quite what we’re suggesting. Enter our Fun Palace, and let us explain…

What is it?

The Fun Palace mission is to promote ‘culture for, by, and with all’ and uncovering the ‘community at the heart of culture’. Fun Palaces are different everywhere they happen, because they’re events that celebrate and showcase the interests and talents of the local community. This absolutely fits with what we do at YPRL, making us a perfect venue for a Fun Palace.

Fun Palaces take place on a ‘weekend of action’ every October. You can learn more about Fun Palaces by watching the video below.

YPRL's Fun Palaces 2019 offer arts, crafts, science, technology, heritage and sports activities led by local people, for local people of all ages.

Since 2014 a total of 1,367 Fun Palaces across the world have been made by 32,800 people with 450,000 taking part.

In this democratic and inclusive gathering, we’re handing the reins over to our community, because we recognise that you’re all wonderful and have so much to share.

Who will be there?

At our Fun Palace events, you will meet:

  • the best people with the best ideas, which help to make up your fantastic community
  • local groups, people, communities and your neighbours
  • people of all ages

What can I do there?

At the Fun Palace, you will find opportunities to learn, try, make and experiment through hands-on activities. The guests will be covering all kinds of topics, from science and technology, arts, and more - last year’s program covered the gamut from line dancing to robot jousting! This year there will be gardening, eco-friendly groups, craft activities, and more.

There’s something for everyone to have fun and try something new. You might even discover a new passion.

Where do I go?

You can join in the fun (palace) at your local branch during the first weekend of October. It’s free to attend and join in. We can’t wait to see you there!

Want to know what's happening at our Fun Palaces? Click here to see what's on at your local library.

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