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All library members can enjoy the use of our eLibrary. 

You don't have to visit a library building to access membership benefits. Carry your library in your pocket so that it is only ever a few taps away!

YPRL members can access the library online anytime, any place.

Get instant access to our online collection by becoming a Digital Member


What? How?

Our extensive eLibrary includes opportunities for you to:

Read (eBooks, magazines, newspapers, interactive picture books)

Listen (eAudiobooks, music)

Watch (indie films and documentaries)

Learn (online video tutorials, languages, simulated driving tests)

Research (local and family history resources, product reviews and comparisons)

Play (educational kids games, coding, picture book animation)

All resources free and accessible with your YPRL library card.

      Digital Membership

Signing up for a Digital Membership gives you instant access to these free online resources but does not allow for borrowing of physical items from a library branch. A Digital Membership can be upgraded to a Full Library Membership at any time by visiting your local branch with some Identification and proof of address.

Photo Credit: Man Listening to Music with Earphones on a Smartphone is by Gavin Whitner

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