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Tim reflects on what it takes to make it to the top - the sacrifices, the physical cost & the mental stamina.
recommended by mg_195

Born to Rule

Born to Rule is the unauthorised biography that unravels the many layers of the man who has just become the 29th Prime Minister of…
recommended by mg_195

Spirits of the Ghan

Aboriginal girl from Redfern searches for mum’s family in the Red Centre and meets sensitive Adelaide surveyor working on the famous Ghan… More
recommended by mg_195

The Martian

This book started out funny, and it just keeps getting better! Who would have thought reading about a botanist/engineer/astronaut getting… More
recommended by ReginaMiller

Good Omens

Absolutely one of the funniest books. If you love Hitchhiker's Guide you must must must read this.
recommended by Middle Town

Robert Whatmough

A great new book to add to the story of Greensborough
recommended by YPRLLocalHistory

My Daughter's Legacy

Relaxing summer reading for the family history researcher
recommended by LSS YPRL Family History

Tracing your Family History

A good starting guide but be mindful it relates particularly to a British audience
recommended by Infolass


The colourful history of the legendary Melbourne artists' colony, Montsalvat, Eltham and the story of its founder Justus Jorgensen as told… More
recommended by YPRLLocalHistory


Sometimes I wonder whether picture books are written for us the adults too, or whether something just resonates with us that it feels that… More
recommended by Library_geek

Publish your Family History

This looks interesting. Added to a list! There a lots of options family history researchers can incorporate to publish their family…
recommended by LSS YPRL Family History

Organize your Genealogy

Get Your Research in Order! Stop struggling to manage all your genealogy facts, files, and data--make a plan of attack to maximize your…
recommended by YPRLLocalHistory

We Were Liars

Smart, sharp and gripping with a genuinely surprising ending. A thriller well worth reading.
recommended by 523_8

Murder on the Orient Express

If you haven't read this classic, you should check it out. It's the who-done-it that started it all.
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