What Library Job Should You Have?

Ever think ‘gosh I’d like to work in a library!’? But what job are you best suited to? Take our quiz to find out!

What’s your idea of a perfect day off?

A) Finally, a chance to get my house in order!

B) Gimme a good book and a cuppa.

C) Time to spend on my hobbies.

D) I’m going out with friends and won’t be back until late!

E) Breakfast with friends, time in the garden, tidy up the house and early night reading in bed – I’m doing it all!

What Hogwarts House do you belong to?

A) Slytherin

B) Ravenclaw

C) Gryffindor

D) Hufflepuff

E) Who’s Harry Potter? / I’m a Muggle

In high school, you are...

A) The teacher of course!

B) The quiet one – I did all the reading but never put my hand up.

C) The teachers-pet – I love school!

D) The class-clown – I live to please!

E) The extra-curricular kid – involved in all the clubs and full of school spirit.

How’s your bookshelf organised at home?

A) It’s organised in a way that only I can understand.

B) It’s all fiction, alphabetically by title.

C) I love non-fiction and it’s grouped by topic.

D) In order by date acquired and I only keep the ones I love best.

E) Dewey of course!!!

If you had to interview someone who would you most like to talk to?

A) Anyone, as long as they answer my questions seriously.

B) Kids say the darndest things!

C) An expert on something I’m interested in.

D) Someone completely different from myself.

E) I can have a good chat with absolutely anyone!


Mostly A:
You’re destined to be the Branch Manager! You are involved in the strategic planning of the library, you manage the budget, rosters and daily operations. You’re organised and good at organising others. You love your library, its staff and all the borrowers.

Mostly B: You’re a Reading Coodinator! You might organise author talks, storytimes, book clubs and writers groups. You love reading in all forms and don’t mind getting a bit crafty with the kids now and then.

Mostly C: You’re a Learning Coordinator! You might run coding or robotics sessions, teach IT skills or events to promote lifelong learning. You can be a bit techy but really just love learning new things and sharing that with everyone.

Mostly D: You’re a Community Coordinator! You might connect local interest groups with the library, organise large cultural celebrations and events to entertain and inspire. You enjoy engaging with people from all walks of life and are always ready to listen to someone’s story.

Mostly E: You’re a Customer Service Officer. You work across all parts of the library. Everything from shelving books, recommending a good read, teaching a class, finding holds, helping with printing or downloading, answering the phone, signing up new members and more! You’re always ready to jump in and help with anything. You make the library a welcoming place.

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