Suss Out Fake News

Welcome to the world of Fake News, misinformation techniques and bad information courtesy of the Internet. You will definitely have come up against Fake News in your social media feed, your YouTube choices and in the old style media of our current newspapers. So how to spot the truth and suss out those misinformation techniques?  

Here are the top 10 books on bad information that will help you get to the truth of the issue.


This is very much an information tool kit which gives you the tools to understand the misinformation techniques and some key strategies to ensure you can spot it.



This book helps you understand today’s algorithmic systems that seem to control our lives and will definitely help you question their relevance.  Unfortunately unless we can fix sexism, racism and every other ‘ism’ we will probably not solve the bias inherent in these systems.



This book gives a guide to how governments and corporations manipulate the truth, cover up murders and corruption.  Essential reading for concerned citizens who want to know how to find the facts.



Davis analyses post-truth in its context, looks at the past misinformation techniques and cultural factors that enable today’s ascendance of Fake news.  He also gives an insightful discussion of the implications of this for our society.



Training yourself to put the news in perspective by practising factfulness will change your outlook and anxiety levels and this book helps us get that perspective.


The Death of Expertise

An easy to read discussion on the importance of science, government and community working together for a great democracy.  A full review of this book can be found here.


Move Fast and Break Things

Taplin makes the case that we should all challenge the Silicon Valley giants to reclaim local cultural development and local artists rather than slavishly follow the popular raised to fame through the big players in content creation.


Everybody Lies

From this Data Scientist comes some surprising facts harvested from the big data generated from our Internet behaviour.  Some of the facts presented are depressing and others are funny and engaging.  Fascinating and offering some optimism for the future.



Well the name says it all really, written by an important Facebook investor who is now ashamed of their creation this goes into the creation and growth of Facebook.


Sex, Likes and Social Media

Thoughtful and offering some great tips this is a must read if you have teens with a smartphone.

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