Slime – the craze that refuses to go away. Why is it so popular, so addictive? Children love it, parents hate it – it feels wonderful, it sticks to everything. Hence the popularity of this activity at the library. The kids get to indulge but the carpets are safe.

So why should we let them have their way – why should the children have the experience at the expense of their clothes and hair? First of all, it washes out. And then come all the wonderful benefits of this highly tactile activity. It is creative, it is sensory, it has glitter. If you play with it you will find it is stress relieving, it brings a smile to your face. You can create it together – an activity with smiles, mixing things, playing with colour together, and did I mention glitter?

It is educational. A liquid that can bounce or a solid that flows through your fingers. To add a little bit of chemistry to this, the glue is a long chain of molecules. If you add an activator such as borax, the chains tangle and become slimy. It becomes non-Newtonian, meaning it is neither liquid nor solid. If you pull it slowly, it is fluid, pull it fast and it breaks.

Rosanna has run slime activities in the school holidays and the children are always engrossed. Everyone goes home with a lovely cup of slime – what more could you want from a visit to the library?

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