Meet Authors: Clare, Favel and JP

Booklovers Festival Authors: Rapid-fire Questions

Ever been given some bad advice? Which character do you love to hate? We asked our guests of the 11th Annual Booklovers Festival these questions and more. Our Booklovers Festival falls under the banner of a ‘writers festival’ - these happen all over Melbourne, and all over the world. Writers festivals are for writers, but they’re also for readers. If you’re a library user, it’s for you! Join us and feed your curiosity!

Today the amazing Clare Wright, Favel Parrett, and JP Pomare give us a quick insight into their minds and tell us what feeds their curiosity.

Ok. Let's start with the basics. Describe your book in 6 words:

Clare: Australian political history with women included. (Clare's Book is...)

Favel: A love letter to my grandparents. (Favel's Book is...)

JP: Girl escapes with captor or protector? (JP's book is...)

Tell us about what feeds your curiosity:

Clare: Archives and chocolate.

Favel: Bushwalking, surfing, being in nature, daydreaming, reading.

JP: The boring stuff: reading, of course; film and TV; long walks, and meditation.

We're sure you're asked this question a lot - and there are millions of answers to it - but can you share ONE writing tip?

Clare: Research first, write later.

Favel: It is possible!!!  Keep going, keep working, keep putting your work out there.

JP: Write the best bits first.

This is all pretty solid advice but we have to know: are you a plotter or a (seat of your) pantser?

Clare: Both. As a non-fiction writer, it’s more a question of discovering what the story is/was then flying by that seat to the finish line.

Favel: Total pantser

JP: I'm in the middle. I have a map but I like to get lost when writing. I also pants in the early stages then plot it out when I know the story.

We've all been given some pretty bad advice in our lives...what's the worst piece of advice you've received when it comes to writing?

Favel: You have to plan your novel out completely and then write it in order from start to finish.

Clare: Write early, write often. Total crap.

JP: Write what you know.

We can't let you leave without telling us about how libraries have influenced your lives. So... tell us!

Clare: In more ways that I care to admit.  Such a nerd.

Favel: I never had any money for books when I was younger, so libraries were my saviour. I literally would not have passed my VCE if it wasn’t for my local library (and local librarians). I’m so grateful!

JP: Not only have libraries provided unlimited access to literature, but they've provided me with a space to sit and recharge, a quiet place to write.

If you want to meet Clare, JP, and Favel in person you can see them at the following events at Booklovers Festival:

Clare Wright

Favel Parrett

JP Pomare (we made JP do another event for the festival which is here )

The trio also made us a reading list that we could share with you.

You Daughters of Freedom

The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

Past the Shallows

When the Night Comes

Call Me Evie

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