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Queensland, Australia, Passenger Lists, 1848-1912

This database contains an index to registers of passengers on immigrant ships arriving in Queensland, Australia, between 1848 and 1912. The ships were coming from ports in the UK and Europe. The registers typically do not include passengers from New Zealand, the Americas or other non-European ports.

Details vary, but these registers may include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date and place of arrival in Queensland
  • Ship name
  • Date and port of departure

Western Australia Post Office Directory 1910
Western Australia Post Office Directory 1926

This data collection contains the Western Australia Post Office Directory for 1910 and 1926. Directories provides information by locality, individual surname, government service, and by trade or profession. The different sections enable the inquirer to see at a glance the householders or businesses in any one town; the address of any householder or business in the State; and the businesses or individuals throughout Western Australia engaged in any trade or profession.

Information extracted from this collection includes:

  • Business Names
  • Individual Given Names
  • State
  • Year

New South Wales, Australia, Applications and Admissions to Orphan Schools, 1817-1833

The Female Orphan School in Sydney was established in 1801 to house destitute girls aged 7 to 14. The Male Orphan School was later established in 1819. Boys aged 7 to 10 could be admitted and would remain a responsibility of the school until age 15. Boys received basic education in reading, writing, and math. At age 15 they were sent out to apprentice with a tradesman or to work as a farm labourer.

From 1826 to 1833 the administration and management of the Orphan Schools was under the direction of the Trustees of the Clergy and School Lands Corporation.

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About this Collection:
This collection consists of Applications for Admission into the Male and Female Orphan Schools in Sydney. The years covered roughly follows those in which the Schools were run by the Clergy and School Lands Corporation (1825-1833). Applications were used to determine admission of children, thus requiring certain criteria be met in order to be admitted.

The applications consisted of letters or petitions written by the parent(s) or guardian(s) (often a widow or widower) asking for the child to be admitted into the school. Some petitions were written on pre-printed forms, others are entirely handwritten. The petition usually listed:

  • Name of petitioner
  • Name of child wanting admission
  • Names of parents
  • Reasons why the child should be admitted
  • Date of application or admission
  • This collection also contains School Admission Books, covering the years 1817-1832 for females and 1819-1833 for males. The Admission Books generally list the following information:
  • Name of child
  • Age
  • Date admitted
  • Date of quitting the school
  • Parents’ names
  • Occupation
  • Residence
  • Remarks

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