My Guilty Pleasure

We all need one. Whether it's curling up with a chick lit book at the end of a hard day spent crunching numbers, sitting down and losing yourself in a TV series from your youth, or simply taking a break from studying and erading a book that's completely different from the prescribed texts.

For me, it's watching The Secret Diary of a Londan Call Girl which I had the luck to stumble across while flicking through the channels late one night. Now, I know what you're thinking, based off the title it really is a guilty pleasure. But despite the name of the TV series, that's not what it's solely about.

Let me back track a little and fill you in. The TV series is based off the books titled The Intimate Adventuers of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour (not her real name) who has written a very humourous account of her memoirs from the start of winter 2003 to spring of 2004. The main character is Belle, who is a London call girl who loves her job and is very successful at it. Unfortunately for Hannah (Belle's real name), as much as she tries to keep ehr personal life seperate from her professional life, occassionally the two bleed into one another in the form of nosy family and friends and maintaining the web of lies if often a struggle.

For me, it's fun watching the (often quirky) clients that Belle has as well as the interactions that she has with people in her personal and professional lives, from best friend Ben, to boss Jackie and even to close friend Bambi, who is in the same profession. I think I prefer it over Sex and the City as I often find SATC to be a little in your face or crass, where as this is fun and Belle/Hannah is easy to relate to.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library service curently stocks season 3 of this series with seasons 1 and 2 hopefully on the way. Otherwise you can borrow the books by Belle de Jour and see if you agree with me.

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