Me and My Cookbooks

Cookbooks. I love them. I have more than I can jump over at home, but hey, it's cheaper than crack cocaine but twice as addictive.

Not only do I have a large selection of cookbooks at  home, and let me say they have gone 'viral' in every bookshelf there, I can't resist borrowing them from the library either. As soon as I see a magazine article reviewing a new cookbook, or if I see a new title listed in the junk mail, my pulse starts to race. (Yes, perhaps many of you will say 'get a life.') I have to check the library catalogue to see if we have it. If we do, I place a Hold on it, and if we don't, then I put in a request to purchase the title. When the book finally reaches my welcoming embrace, I then give it my own critique and see whether it is worthy of me purchasing my own copy to join the multitudes of others at home. Otherwise I will just photocopy any interesting recipes I see.

I also enjoy cooking. Well, let me clarify. I like 'recreational cooking' - cakes, desserts, biscuits, that kind of thing. As for 'compulsory' cooking - the ever present drain of deciding what to have for dinner each night, I am not so keen on. Still, I have my 'Nigella moments' with many of my main meal preparations and also with the more fun side of baking cakes and so forth.

In future posts I will outline which books I have perused of recent times and what I liked or didn't like about them.  

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