Keep Calm, Keep Bees


There's something appealing about keeping your own beehives. Perhaps it's the honey sourced directly from your own backyard, or maybe the knowledge that you're helping pollinate plants in your area. You can keep bees just about anywhere that flowers bloom.

The very first thing a beginning beekeeper should do is get a good book on the subject, one that’s up-to-date and easy to follow. Look for a book with good illustrations and photos and surf the web for bee resources.

The Contented Bee

The Australian Beekeeping Manual

Backyard Bees

A Guide to Keeping Bees in Australia

Practical Beekeeping Handbook for Australia and New Zealand

Australian Beekeeping Guide


Join a bee club It’s a great way to meet other beekeepers and to find a mentor.

The honeybee, Apis mellifera, is an amazing creature and - except for the drones - the ultimate workaholic. 

This insect lives in a complex, three-caste society of up to 50 thousand individuals. During their short lives, queens, workers and drones cooperate to keep the colony going from year to year and form new colonies by swarming. Workers nurture their egg-laying queen, keep the hive clean, protect the colony from raiders, and fly thousands of kilometres to gather food.They communicate with each other through the emission of chemical substances called pheromones and by performing dances in specific patterns.

Honeybees are vegetarians and obtain their protein from pollen and their carbohydrates from flower nectar. After the worker bee industriously gathers these provisions, she hands them off to a younger worker to deposit in hexagonal wax cells. The bees add enzymes to the nectar, then fan this concoction with their wings to evaporate the water, and gradually it turns to thick, sweet honey.

Interested in learning more? 

Join us for free beekeeping information sessions at your local library. 

The Practical Beekeeper @ Rosanna Library
Wednesday 6 March

Beekeeping Basics @ Ivanhoe Library
Monday 29 April 

Be warned. Beekeeping is addictive.

Perhaps you are interested in making Beeswax Wraps? Keep food fresh and hygenic with a natural and re-useable alternative to glad wrap. Bookings are essential for many of these popular events. If full, pop your name on the waiting list so we know whether to run this again!

Beeswax Wraps Workshop @ Rosanna Library
Wednesday 13 March  

Beeswax Wraps Workshop @ Whittlesea Library
Thursday 21 March 

Beeswax Wraps Demonstration @ Diamond Valley Library
Thursday 18 April

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