Is it time to break up with your smartphone?


Maybe your relationship with your technology is all fine but when I started to see the numbers from the new feature on my smartphone and other devices to inform me of my weekly screen time I started to be a bit concerned. If you are using your smart devices to avoid relationships, exercise, or connecting then maybe you too need to assess your attention addiction. Let’s face it boredom, uncertainty and social awkwardness can all be avoided by staring down at our phones but this is making us lonelier, a little unhealthy and dividing our attention.

Never fear though there are plenty of books to help us to take back control of our brains.

How to Break up With your Phone

This guide discusses how smartphones are affecting our ability to focus and to work our way to a more healthier life / tech balance.

Digital Minimalism

This book encourages you to look at your digital presence and to assess whether they are adding any value to your life and offers some radical changes to small day to day changes to your approach to technology and social media.

Bored and Brilliant

Creativity needs space and yes this means brain space too.  The benefits of boredom are that this can lead to greater creativity. Zomorodi gives us some practical steps to ensure we unplug from distraction and make space for creativity growing from being bored.

The Art of Screen Time

Kamenetz approaches this topic as a parent herself and does not present ready-made answers.  This is a practical guide for parents to engage with their children on technology, social media and online presence.  Her advice outlines danger signs to look for, reminds parents that enduring values will guide behaviour and reminds us all that our own behaviour will influence our children. 


A must-read if you or your kids use smartphones or tablets and spend time browsing social networks, playing online games or even just browsing sites with news and entertainment.  The authors promote digital habits that work for you and shows you how to recognize the addiction tricks that technology giants use to keep you glued to your screen.

Why Social Media Is Ruining your Life

This is a no holds look at how social media is challenging women’s views of themselves, their lives and their bodies with unreachable levels of perfection as a comparison.  Learn how to take back your self-worth  and happiness with this book.

Net Loss

Acknowledgment is the first step to recovery: are you really in control of how you use your phone? And no do not pick it up now. Apparently we were never meant to be in control.  Learn how the dark side of technology is that the software is designed to be addictive.   

Raising Humans in A Digital World

Graber has written a parent friendly book that walks parents through the challenges of raising kids in a digital world with never-ending technology, attention grabbing devices, addictive games, apps and online experiences.  As the founder of Cyber Civics, Graber has a practical knowledge of the subject and this helps step parents through the daily challenges.

The End of Absence

Harris premise reflects on what has come before our technology wonders and what is our lives with the constant connection to online.  He wonders whether all of our fact-gathering on Google and Wikipedia, our hookups on Tinder, our mountains of posts and texts and selfies, have made us dumber, less authentic. A treatise for our current times.


A former Fox News and The View host ponders the ramifications of cellphones and other technology in her personal life.  This is a reflection on how Bila struggles to get free of her own tech addicted jungle.


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